Prenatal Yoga

Focused on helping you feel comfortable, relaxed and fit during pregnancy, this class will increase your energy and stamina, and build strength, flexibility and balance.

Yoga for Moms & Babies

A post natal class to help strengthen your core muscles back into share, while bonding and connecting with your baby and other moms in a fun way.

Children's Yoga

Uses lots of props and poses to capture their imagination. The objective is to help children be aware of themselves from the inside - both physically and emotionally and have fun doing it.
(Age 3-7 & 8-12)

Yoga Nidra

Sleep that awakens the soul. Yoga Nidra effortlessly leads us out of our scattered and frenetic lives to a place of healing and peace. Yoga Nidra is the antidote for modern life. Experience deeper levels of inner freedom than you ever imagined possible. Give yourself permission to rest, balance and restore, tapping into new sources of energy. Welcome to Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra from Jennifer Reis. You deserve to feel this good!


Reiki can assist in your healing process by removing blockages caused by internal & external energies. A treatment with the universal energy of Reiki will relax and balance your physical, emotional & mental bodies, clerking your chakra energies. Taught to Jacqui by Colleen Janik an intuitive, medium, Reiki Master & gifted artist.